The Great Gatsby (The Truth of the Green Light)

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The Great Gatsby (The Truth of the Green Light) by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby   (The  Truth of the Green Light)

1. money

2. Characterization

2.1. Nick Carraway

2.1.1. Sees himself as nonjudgmental and tolerant. Also views himself as morally privileged by having a higher sense of decency than others.

2.2. Tom Buchanan

2.2.1. Married to Daisy Buchanan. Tom is seen as a dishonest and arrogant, he advances with racist arguments and carries out publicly known love affairs.

2.3. Daisy Buchanan

2.3.1. Married to Tom Buchanan and is Nick's cousins. Daisy tries to be shallow since she believes women live best as beautiful fools. She strengthens her point by whishing her daughter comes out a fool.

2.4. Jordan Baker

2.4.1. Gatsby poses a threat towards Nick's customary ways of thinking about the world since Gatsby is solid proof that thwarts the very basis of Nick's way of thinking.

2.5. Jay Gatsby

2.5.1. The man that caught Nick's attention and piqued his curiosity. Lives in his mansion which is modeled after a French hotel at West Egg. Even though Gatsby represents everything Nick hates about New York, he is considered special from the rest in Nick's eyes.

3. Conflict

3.1. Tom's love affair

3.1.1. Tom is having a love affair with someone, this affair is publicly known yet he is still continuing with it. Currently there seem to be no problems sprouting from this, but there is a high chance a conflict may occur between Daisy and Tom.

3.2. Gatsby and Nick

3.2.1. A beautiful young professional golf player, always seems bored of her surroundings. She furthers the sense of sophisticated fatigue hanging over East Egg; her cynicism, boredom, and dishonesty are at odds with her wealth and beauty.

4. Symbolism

4.1. Green Light

4.1.1. The Green Light at the end of the chapter may reference Gatsby's outreach and love for money.

5. Relationships

5.1. Background & Social Values

5.1.1. The relationship between geography and social values plays an important role in the novel. Each setting in the story holds different themes and character type. The two most important locations are West Egg and East Egg. Both are home to massive wealth but are nearly opposite in the values they endorse. East Egg represents taste and aristocracy while West Egg represents ostentation, garnish and the new rich's flashy manner. East Egg is associated with the inherited social position while while West Egg is associated with self made fortune.

6. Modern Day Connections

6.1. Class

6.1.1. In this novel, people judge others based on their class (old money, new money, poor) and not from their characteristics and motives.

7. Themes

7.1. The Roaring Twenties

7.2. Class

7.3. The Effect Of Wealth

8. love

9. them

10. theem