Causes of cyberbullying

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Causes of cyberbullying by Mind Map: Causes of cyberbullying

1. Cyberbullies Are Bored

1.1. they lack attention and supervision from parents

2. Cyberbullies Cave Under Peer Pressure

2.1. to fit in with a group of friends

2.2. even if it means going against their better judgment

3. Cyberbullies Think Everyone Is Doing It

3.1. lots of people are bullying online

3.2. it doesn’t seem like a significant problem to cyberbully

4. Cyberbullies Lack Empathy

4.1. they do not see the pain that they cause

4.2. many kids reported that online bullying made them feel funny, popular, and powerful

5. Cyberbullies Believe They Won't Get Caught

5.1. The anonymity of the Internet gives kids a false sense of security.

5.2. They believe if they post things anonymously that they won’t get caught.

5.3. kids who cyberbully do not necessarily see the reaction of the victim, which makes it extremely easy to say and do things they would not otherwise do.