Who is... Me? - Maxwell Ritchie

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Who is... Me? - Maxwell Ritchie by Mind Map: Who is... Me? - Maxwell Ritchie

1. Hobbies

1.1. Basketball

1.1.1. Video Games Photography Going outside

2. Education

2.1. High School Diploma from Buchanan High School

3. Major

3.1. Multimedia Journalism

3.1.1. Minor: Digital Studies

4. Favorite Artists

4.1. Cuco

4.1.1. AJR Coldplay Studio Ghibli

5. Future Goals

5.1. Commentate an NBA game

6. Skills/Traits

6.1. Technology

6.1.1. Listening Visual Learner

6.2. Good project partner

6.2.1. Adobe Premiere

7. Fields of Study

7.1. Video Production

7.1.1. Graphic Design Sports Announcing

8. I love to play and watch basketball. A video game I have been enjoying recently is League of Legends.

9. I would love to be involved in sports broadcasting or video production for a career.

10. Experiences

10.1. Mackinac POD

10.1.1. TV Production Class

11. Where I am from

11.1. I am from Buchanan, a small town in Southwest Michigan. The only place I have known all my life!