Student Council 2012-13

This is my plan for the year. Feel free to e-mail me any questions, thoughts, or problems!

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Student Council 2012-13 by Mind Map: Student Council 2012-13

1. Communication

1.1. President, VP, administration meet weekly

1.2. All 4 class presidents meet with Executive Board weekly to discuss issues that plague the entire school

1.3. Increased use of Wiki, Facebook for discussions

2. Amending the Constitution

2.1. Let's make attendance a priority this year!

2.2. Does the Constitution really say what we want it to?

2.3. Would like to meet 1-2 times over the summer as a Council before sending it to Committee.


3.1. Let's get the word out and make these a huge success this year!!!

3.2. We need to increase student voice even more at SHS! Great strides were made this year with NHEASC and other opportunities-- let's keep it up! :-)

4. Council-wide effort to help freshmen integrate into the school despite the Program: '14s and '15s, do we need to focus on this more?

5. Miscellaneous Events

5.1. Open Houses (Fall and Winter)

5.2. Freshman Orientation

5.3. Staff Dessert Buffet (August)

5.4. Seniors Free Ice Cream (around 1st semester finals)

5.5. Pottery bowl ice cream fundraiser

6. Committees

6.1. Community Service

6.1.1. Chaired by a veteran Council member

6.1.2. Events in Nov., Dec., Mar., May (+ any more)

6.1.3. I'd personally like to see the Committee organize some way for StuCo to help the local food pantries!

6.2. School Improvement

6.2.1. Chaired by a veteran Council member

6.2.2. Consider issues that affect entire school-- from bullying to the cafeteria food!

6.2.3. Remember the fund set up by C.R. 004!

6.3. School Spirit

6.3.1. Chaired by a veteran Council member

6.3.2. Big events: Class Wars, Spirit Weeks, You're Great Day

6.3.3. Could the committee raise awareness about home playoff games/senior nights/random home games during the year?

6.4. Publicity

6.4.1. Co-chaired by Secretary and Historian

6.4.2. Responsible for advertising StuCo events

6.5. Fundraising

6.5.1. Chaired by StuCo Treasurer

6.5.2. Responsible for planning fundraisers in and out of school

6.5.3. I would like for all 4 Class Treasurers to make an effort to contribute to this committee, as official members or "experts"

6.5.4. Fuddruckers, in-school weeks, etc.

6.6. C.R. 003 will require membership, so the sky's the limit!!!

7. Ad Hoc Committees

7.1. Spring District Meeting Committee

7.1.1. Start up in Dec., end in Apr.

7.1.2. Plan theme, agenda

7.2. Winter Ball Committee

7.2.1. For the 2nd annual Winter Ball!

7.2.2. Should start up after Class Wars, end after Winter Ball (hopefully Dec.)

7.3. Constitution Revision Committee

7.4. Locks for Love Committee

7.4.1. Start up in January

7.4.2. Plan for May-June

7.4.3. Pledges, sign-ups, setup?

7.5. National (Gold) Council of Excellence Committee

7.5.1. Chaired by StuCo Historian

7.5.2. Start in early December, finish by February

7.6. State Honor Council Committee

7.6.1. Chaired by Historian

7.6.2. Start 2nd semester, end in April

7.7. Valentine's Dance?

7.7.1. This was brought up during the year. Love it, hate it, I'm willing to hear everyone's opinions!

8. LEAD again? Was it worth it?