Understanding Media

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Understanding Media by Mind Map: Understanding Media

1. What is Media?

1.1. media is the plural form of medium and it describes the varius mediums of communications

1.1.1. Radio,TV,News Paper,internet,etc are collectively known as media Radio,TV,News Paper,internet which go to the masses are called mass media newspapers and magazines as print media and TV and radio as the electronic media Television images travel huge distances through satellites and cables. this allows us to view news and entertainment channels from other parts of the world.

2. media and democracy

2.1. media is important to show the information about India and the World

2.1.1. it show us information by which we can respond like-by writing letters,public protests,signature caimpaigns,etc there are two types of reports-balanced and non-balanced

2.2. balanced- when both sides of the story are taken.Eg.if there is a protest so the reporter should take the views of the protesters as well as the goverment

2.2.1. non balanced-when only one side of the story is taken.Eg.in two newses one only took the story of the protestrs and the second only took the goverments views so these both are non balanced and biased newses If there is some information that is not good for the citizens,they can ask the author to cut that news.This is called censorship

3. media and money

3.1. In a News Studio, it is not only the newsreader who needs to be paid but also a number of other people who help put the broadcast together. This includes those who look after the cameras and lights

3.2. The technologies mass media use keep changing and so a lot of money is spent on getting the latest technology.

3.2.1. Due to these costs, the mass media needs a great deal of money to do its work. As a result, most television channels and newspapers are part of big business houses. Mass media is constantly thinking of ways to make money. One way in which the mass media earns money is by advertising different things like cars,chocolates, clothes, mobile phones, etc.

4. media and technology

4.1. changing technology, or machines, and making technology more modern, helps media to reach more people.

5. glossary

5.1. Publish: This refers to newsreports, articles, interviews, stories, etc., that are printed in newspapers, magazines and books for a wide audience to read.

5.1.1. Censorship: This refers to the powers that government has to disallow media from publishing or showing certain stories. Broadcast: In this chapter this word is used to refer to a TV or radio programme that is widely transmitted. Public protest: When a large number of people come together and openly state their opposition to some issue. Organising a rally, starting a signature campaign, blocking roads etc. are some of the ways in which this is done.

6. setting agenda

6.1. The media also plays an important role in deciding what stories to focus on, and therefore, decides on what is newsworthy.

6.1.1. the media influences our thoughts, feelings and actions, and brings those issues to our attention. thus the media sets the agenda. Sometimes the media fails to focus on issues that are significant in are lifes. For example drinking water is a major problem in our country. However , we seldom find media discussing this issuse.

7. fact file

7.1. The cost to advertise on a news channel varies from Rs 500 to Rs 8,000 per 10 seconds depending on the popularity of the channel.

7.2. Fashion shows are very popular with the media.

7.2.1. TV it is like a window on the world

7.2.2. TV has different types of programmes, soap operas, like Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, game shows, like Kaun Banega Crorepati, reality TV shows like Big Boss, news, sports and cartoons. Before , in between and after each programme are advertisements Only those programmes are shown that can attract the maximum number of viewers. We need to realise that it gives us a partial view of the world. certain people have formed local groups to start their own media because they know that the media will not show issues involving ordinary people.

8. most media does not give balanced news because they cannot give news againsed their advertisers because they give money to the chanel and do not want to loose them thus media is no longer considerd indipendent

8.1. Some news chanels give non balanced news because some people find it interesting.And some want to gather publoc support for the issue