Climate Change

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Climate Change by Mind Map: Climate Change

1. Causes of Climate Change

1.1. Deforestation

1.2. Increased use of fossil fuels

1.3. Greenhouse gases

1.4. Climate Change Explained:

2. Effects of Climate Change

2.1. Loss of habitat for wild animals

2.2. More intense weather patterns

2.3. Increase in droughts

3. What Can We Do?

3.1. Recycle

3.2. Re-green

3.2.1. Plant more vegetation in your neighborhood, town, or at your own home

3.3. Reduce your carbon footprint

3.3.1. Turn off lights when not in use

3.3.2. Turn off shower/sink water when not in use

3.3.3. Drive less - walk or bike when you can

3.3.4. Plant a garden