Formative Assessment

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Formative Assessment by Mind Map: Formative Assessment

1. It takes place during the learning process

2. Assessement as learning

2.1. It increases the students understanding of their learning.

2.1.1. Example: self-reflection, selfmonitoring, and self-adjustment

2.2. It refers to the metacognitive processes

3. Assessement for learning

3.1. It needs to be interactive between the teacher and student,

3.2. Students should:

3.2.1. Understand what their goal is.

3.2.2. Understand what is expected of them

3.3. It refers to the improving the teacher’s and student’s knowledge

3.3.1. Example: Teacher´s Feedback

4. The student can apply changes to improve their performance

4.1. The teacher is able to adjust instruction to fit the student’s needs

5. Constructive feedback

5.1. Passive

5.1.1. You can do better

5.2. Active

5.2.1. You are so smart, I believe in you.

6. Destructive feedback

6.1. Active

6.1.1. Come on. Try again.

6.2. Passive

6.2.1. Please do more effort.