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Weddings by Mind Map: Weddings

1. Modern

2. Traditional

3. Amal: modern wedding: -They are getting creative. there are wedding planers who are doing great to give an amazing experience. - The expense are high. - There are many guests. - A variety of food choices.

4. Ahad: Weddings now differ from before, because before they used to do their weddings at home or in a tent, but now they do it in halls and luxurious places.

5. Mahra Hareb: Modern weddings is very different from the traditional weddings, the modern weddings are now more popular than traditional weddings however some people are still doing the traditional weddings, but for my I see that modern wedding are more fancier than traditional becu

6. Bashayer:In the past, people were few, and everyone knew some, and the wedding dress was green .

7. Laila: Weddings back then were so simple and not expensive, only fewer people were invited, honeymoons was not that improtant. Modern weddings are more high in cost and the amount of guests who are invited in unreal, also honeymoons are high priced and important these days.