Day 2 Online and Cloud Analytics

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Day 2 Online and Cloud Analytics by Mind Map: Day 2 Online and Cloud Analytics

1. Online Analytics

1.1. Hierachy of Online Importance

1.1.1. Linked Data Cloud Analytics Unstructured Analytics

1.2. 5 Stars of Linked Data

1.2.1. Data is made available

1.2.2. Data is Machine Readable

1.2.3. Format is Open Standard

1.2.4. Linked Data Format : URL for all properties

1.2.5. Declaring Equivalence of Properties

1.3. DataMarkets

1.3.1. Commercial Datamarkets Windows Azure Factiva Lexis Nexis

1.3.2. Open Data Markets Open Knowledge Foundation Wikimedia CKan Factual Many Eyes

1.4. Open Government


1.4.2. GovHack


1.4.4. Federal Reserve

1.5. Author(s)

1.5.1. Read, Write, Web

1.5.2. Gil Elbaz

1.5.3. Whire House

1.6. Related Documents

2. Analytics in the Cloud

2.1. Find Share and Collaborate

2.1.1. Link Needs Durable Semantic Restfull

2.1.2. Touchgraph Exercise

2.1.3. FUsion

3. Location and Mobile

3.1. Linking Mapping with Segmentation

3.1.1. Geotribes

4. Analytics for Web Campaigns

4.1. Integrating Campaigns

4.1.1. Closed Loop Communications Sender Encoder Media & Message Decoder Receiver Response Feedback

4.1.2. Target Audience Identify Group Determine Response Sought Choose the Message Choose the Media Select the Message Source Evaluate

4.1.3. Repsonse Type Awareness Knowledge Liking Preference Intent Purchase Action

4.1.4. Response Timing Signficance Relevance Timing