HotelGo - Business Plan

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HotelGo - Business Plan by Mind Map: HotelGo - Business Plan

1. Proven to be effective business model

2. 1. Cover

2.1. What HotelGo Does?

2.2. Book rooms with B&B, Apt, Hotels, rather than local.

3. 2. Market Gaps & Opportunities

3.1. Identify market gaps and potential opportunities existing in current market.

3.2. Price is an important concern for travelers booking hotel rooms directly or through OTA aren't cheap, Comes with things that we don't require. Companies like Airbnb does provide this service but there are other concerns. i.e. Security, H&S, Noise, Not purpose built.

4. 3. Solutions

4.1. A web/Mobile platform where users can Let out their empty rooms to host travelers. To save money by customising your stay, make money while accommodating for less. i.e. Optional Housekeeping, Optional Grab&Go Breakfast Club, Mobile check-in, Digital Key.... Easy to manage, less cost, PS for guest

4.1.1. How HotelGo fill in the market gap and offer its solutions?

5. 4. Market Validation

5.1. Is there a market size?

5.2. Airbnb with 150 million total users;

6. 5. Market Size

6.1. Approximate the market size.

6.2. generates $11 billion revenue through the channel. Airbnb valued at $31 billion

7. 6. Product

7.1. How the HotelGo platform works?

7.2. Search by City, Date, Review listings, Price, Grab&Go B/Fast, GYM, Swimming Pool, Restaurants, Bars, RyanAir Analogy

8. 7. Business Model

8.1. How HotelGo gains revenue?

8.2. HotelGo takes a 10% commission on each transaction.

9. 8. Financing Goal

9.1. How much money does HotelGo need? Detailed breakdown plan TBD.

10. 9. User Testimonials

10.1. When are HotelGo Reviews Posted?

10.2. Guests and hosts have 14 days after checkout to write a review.

11. 10. Press

12. 11. Team

12.1. Introduction of key persons

13. 12. Competitive Advantages

13.1. Why HotelGo is special? Strength and uniqueness

13.2. First to market; host incentive; ease of use; profile; mobile capability, self-check, design and brand

14. 13. Competitor Analysis

15. 14. Marketing Strategy

15.1. How HotelGo grows its market?

15.2. Events; target events monthly; partnership; Discount on other hotel facilities