Climate Innovations & Green Technology

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Climate Innovations & Green Technology by Mind Map: Climate Innovations & Green Technology

1. Nuclear Fusion

1.1. It produces a massive amount of energy

1.2. In high temperatures, hydrogen atoms will fuse creating helium and releasing a lot of energy

1.3. Since hydrogen can be extracted from seawater, its almost an unlimited source

1.4. The nuclear waste can be reprocessed after only 100 years

2. Urban Greening

2.1. Green roofs absorb CO2 and cool cities

2.2. Can be used to grow food

2.3. Vertical farming is when you grow crops vertically instead of horizontally. Its aim is to optimize plant growth and reduce land-use of farms

2.4. Using drones to plant trees is a great way to reduce deforestation. With automation and our advanced technology, the drones can plant trees many times faster than we can

3. Wind Energy

3.1. Wind is the biggest energy reservoir on Earth

3.2. A drone is flown in the sky, attached to a cable. The power of the wind pulls the cable and the force of the pull is converted into electricity, this is able to power 100 households

3.3. A wind powered ship called the "Oceanbird", can cut carbon emissions by 90%, and can carry over 7 000 cars across the Atlantic, making it a very efficient way for shipping across oceans.

4. Carbon Captured

4.1. Store carbon and convert it into fuel or gasoline

4.2. Goal is to capture over 1 million tons of CO2 every year, making it a very good wat to reduce carbon emissions