The League of Nations

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The League of Nations by Mind Map: The League of Nations

1. Weaknesses

1.1. Germany and Russia werent members which caused resentment

1.2. America werent members and they founded it, and they were the most powerful Country in the world

1.3. Set up by The Treaty of Versailles but everybody hated that treaty

1.4. The Leauges decisions had to be unanimous which was difficult to achieve

1.5. The League didn't have it's own army

1.6. Aims were too ambitious

2. Strengths

2.1. Set up by the treaty of Versailles which every nation had signed

2.2. By the 1930's there were 58 members of the League

2.3. Could offer trade sanctions against Countries that went to war

3. The Covenant

3.1. The Rules

4. Aims

4.1. Stop war

4.2. Encourage Disarmament

4.3. Improve working and Social conditions

4.4. Encourage international trade

5. Organisation

5.1. Assembly that met once a year

5.2. A council that met regularly to consider crises

5.3. A small secretariat to handle paperwork

5.4. Court of International Justice

5.5. Number of additional committees