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Fairytales by Mind Map: Fairytales

1. How to write them

1.1. Plot structure

1.2. Main ideas

1.3. Character type

1.4. Elements specific to fairytales

2. Identifying fairytales

2.1. Read and be familiar with ideas

2.2. Key elements

2.2.1. Talking animals

2.2.2. Good vs Bad

2.2.3. Things come in 3's or 7's

2.2.4. Magic powers

2.3. Main ideas

2.4. Illustration type

2.5. What is Fairy tale? Explain Fairy tale, Define Fairy tale, Meaning of Fairy tale

3. Origins

3.1. How they came to be

3.1.1. Who was the first the author?

3.1.2. First known fairytale

3.2. Where they originated

4. Popular Examples

4.1. https://youtu.be/Xd97k149tvo