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Lifecycles by Mind Map: Lifecycles

1. Apples

1.1. Birth

1.1.1. Tree matures

1.1.2. Tree flowers

1.1.3. Bugs, wind, or animals fertilize the flowers

1.1.4. Fruit begins to grow

1.2. Growth

1.2.1. Apple starts out small and green

1.2.2. Apple gets larger and changes color

1.3. Reproduction

1.3.1. Apple grows seeds inside that can become a new tree in the right conditions

1.3.2. Outer fruit provides nutrients to support the seed growing into a new tree

1.4. Death

1.4.1. Apple outside decomposes and provides nutrients to support the growth of the seed

1.5. Apple life cycle video


2. Butterflies

2.1. Birth

2.1.1. Starts out as a small egg

2.1.2. Egg hatches and a tiny caterpillar is born

2.2. Growth

2.2.1. Caterpillar grows larger and stronger

2.2.2. Caterpillar forms a chrysalis

2.2.3. Inside of the chrysalis, the caterpillar transforms into a fully formed butterfly

2.3. Reproduction

2.3.1. Adult female butterflies will lay more eggs

2.4. Death

2.5. Metamorphosis time lapse


3. Frogs

3.1. Birth

3.1.1. Starts out as an egg

3.1.2. Egg hatches to birth a tiny tadpole

3.2. Growth

3.2.1. The tadpole will grow larger and start to develop legs

3.2.2. The tadpole continues to develop until it becomes a small frog

3.2.3. The small frog will grow larger until it is an adult

3.3. Reproduction

3.3.1. Female frogs will then lay more eggs

3.4. Death

3.5. Lifecycle of a frog video and activity

3.5.1. At-Home STEM Activities: Life Cycle of a Frog — McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center