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CSCE Paper by Mind Map: CSCE Paper

1. Timeline

1.1. First Draft in CSCE Template Feb.5

1.2. Second Draft Feb.8

1.3. Send to editor Feb.10

1.4. Final Draft Feb.22

1.5. Submission Feb.26

2. Table of Content

2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. Off-site Manufacturing

2.1.2. Digital Fabrication

2.1.3. BIM

2.2. Methodology

2.2.1. SLR in a Mixed-mode method Bibliometric Analysis PRISMA flowchart Qualitative Reveiw Systematic Approach

2.3. Quantitative Analysis

2.3.1. Analysis of publication years

2.3.2. Map Visualisation of top countries

2.3.3. Analysis of Pioneer authors

2.3.4. Keywords mapping, density & occurrence

2.3.5. Journal Mapping

2.4. Qualitative Analysis

2.4.1. Classification

2.5. Conclusion and Future Work

2.5.1. Most recent field of study from 2010 to 2019

2.5.2. Development status in terms of years, countries, sources, keywords and authors

2.5.3. Prove potential grow in the near future Highly targeted sources for future publication

2.5.4. Identify potential international cooperation among research collaborators Most collaborative countries Pioneer authors

2.5.5. Identify the core categories, inter-relation between BIM, OSM and DF Identify research gap Recommendation for future work