Tell Us What you already know about . . .

Use this mind map to activate prior knowledge relating to Politics. Connect to what you have recently learned, and discover room for future learning!

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Tell Us What you already know about . . . by Mind Map: Tell Us What you already know about . . .

1. Philosophy as it relates to politics

1.1. Central concept of Politics is power. Man makes the rules for society whatever they are is up to man

1.2. Harraway - the development of cyborgs eliminates gender, where will power and decisions come from in the future? Does this mean power will become decentralized?

2. Design as it relates to politics

3. Ethics & Jurisprudence as it relates to politics

4. Anthropology as it relates to politics

4.1. Monhan Colonizing classrooms

4.1.1. Female adminstrators role in this?

5. History as it relates to politics

5.1. Politically our education system is a product of the industrial revolution to produce productive law-abiding citizens

6. Values and Interests

6.1. Is K-12 edcuation over valued?

6.1.1. Whose interest does it serve

7. Feminism

7.1. Feminism has become a tool for inequality

7.2. Haraway - Technology blurring the lines between genders. Men and women are both being suppressed in today's technology advanced societies.

8. Who Benefits?

8.1. Corporations

9. Rights

9.1. Access to technology?

9.2. Are we truly free? Who determines these rights?

10. Power

10.1. Digital Divide

10.1.1. Have's and Have Nots Students With and without technology Students not having teachers using technology

10.2. Technology shapes students

11. Policy

11.1. Living with a restrictive tech support policy

11.1.1. Budget Issue or Power Issue?

11.2. pre-21st century policies that are still being used... where does web 2.0 fit in?

11.2.1. BC Privacy Polich (FOIPPA, PIPPA) How do we ensure online safety of private personal information?

11.3. money is the bottom line in developing policy

11.3.1. BC Privacy Polich (FOIPPA, PIPPA)