The American Civil Rights Movement

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The American Civil Rights Movement by Mind Map: The American Civil Rights Movement

1. Ku Klux Klan

1.1. Lynching - Strange fruit hanging from the trees

1.2. Racism

1.2.1. Burning down houses, killing, beaten up

1.3. A group of Americans that stirred up hatred and prejudice against blacks

2. A new Civil Rights Movement


2.1.1. Started an intensive focus on black people.

2.2. Race riots

2.2.1. Mass racial violence

2.3. A conversation with my black son

2.3.1. When and not if

3. Important person (VIP)

3.1. Rosa Parks - Bus - Refused, arrested

3.2. Martin Luther King - I have a dream - Minister and activist

3.3. Alicia Garza - #BLM

3.4. Malcolm x - Human rights activist - Believed in violence

4. The Jim Crow Law

4.1. Started i 1876-1965

4.2. Seperated but equal

4.3. Racial segregation system

4.4. Set of laws

4.4.1. "Blacks and whites were not supposed to eat together

5. Short Storys

5.1. The Flowers

5.1.1. It refers to the song we heard earlier, where they sang strange fruit hanging from the trees

5.2. The new girl

5.2.1. Refers to the hate innocent black people is getting from white people

6. The hate you give

6.1. The circumstances of being a black person

6.2. Double identity

7. 13th

7.1. Stand your ground law

7.1.1. Protect yourself if you feel threatened

7.1.2. Put in the spot after the Trayvon Martin case