An Effective ISTE Educator.

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An Effective ISTE Educator. by Mind Map: An Effective ISTE Educator.

1. Learner

1.1. An educator who positively talks about technology and recognizes its effectiveness and prefers this method of learning above others such as white boards or paper and pen.

2. Analyst/Collaborator

2.1. An educator who appreciates student feedback when it comes to changing or improving current uses of technology. The educator is willing to learn alongside the students to make the experience as effective as possible.

3. Designer

3.1. An educator who understands how to personalize learning experiences through the use of technology to appeal to all types of students with different forms of learning.

4. Facilitator

4.1. An educator who is willing to teach students the use of the technology being incorporated into the classroom, as well as able to make their learning process easier, essentially making the students want to continue using technology.