Lifespan Map

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Lifespan Map by Mind Map: Lifespan Map

1. Prenatal & Newborn

1.1. Physical:I started off being a zygote and attaching to my mother's uterine wall where I than began to divide into many cells and I eventually reached the embryonic stage where my important organ systems started to develop, from there I entered the fetal stage where I started kicking my mother and hearing her voice this is also when my rooting reflex started to develop. I will continue to grow until I am born.

1.2. Social: Few personality traits are being genetically determined are this stage

1.3. Cognitive: My intelligence is being partly determined by my genetics

2. Infancy & Toddlerhood

2.1. Physical: I gain more weight and begin to rapidly grow taller. Im starting to wiggle roll push up and pick up things and eventually walking and running around. I am able to pick up and throw things and grasp small objects

2.2. Social: I played with my older sister and started to learn how to talk and tell my mother and father what I wanted. I also started to play with other kids my age. I also developed a temperament and used facial expressions to communicate the things I couldn't say, I also developed an attachment to my mother and father.

2.3. Cognitive: My brain is growing like crazy and adding all new neurological connections and using language to communicate with others around me.

3. Preschool Period

3.1. Physical: I continue to grow rapidly and develop small muscles. My gross and fine motor skills are improving allowing me to walk and run better. My improvements physically have allowed me to stat playing soccer and swimming without the help of my parents. I also learn that I am right handed.

3.2. Social: I am slowly learning more about my environment and how I am a little different from my friends and classmates. I start to pretend play with my favorite toy (McDonald's play set) I am starting to understand rules and morality.

3.3. Cognitive: My attention span and memory are improving along with me grammar and sentence structure. I am starting to think about the world I am living in.

4. Middle Childhood

4.1. Physical: My bodies growth is becoming more steady, I am starting to grow into a more physical person. I begin to swim on a swim team and continue to play soccer and also choose to try and play basketball but end up hating it.

4.2. Social: I am playing with a lot of friends most of my days consist of being outside playing with my team members and friends in my neighborhood. I also have a best friend named Kyle who I spend most of my time with.

4.3. Cognitive: I am starting to solve problems and take multiple perspectives on issues that im encountered with. I am also learning the consequences of not understanding when I shouldn't say things to others.

5. Adolescence

5.1. Physical: I am throwing my all into soccer, swimming, and volleyball. I am developing all sorts of muscles and and growing to the height of five feet and three inches. I start puberty late at the age of sixteen due to all my sports that I was in and how physically active I was. My body starts to change and loose a lot of my muscle that I worked so hard to gain.

5.2. Social: After I had to stop my sports I became very interested in boys my age and most returned the interest. I made a lot of friends with older people due to my classes that I was taking in high school. I attempted to ignore and talk back to my parents, but that didn't last long.

5.3. Cognitive: My verbal, mathematical, and spatial skills improve greatly. I start thinking about my future and decide where to go to college and what to major in

6. Late Adulthood

6.1. Physical: My face is starting to get deep wrinkles and my grey hair is in full effect. I am starting to "shrink" because I have poor posture. Thanks to how active I was when I was younger I am very susceptible to osteoporosis.

6.2. Social: I am retiring in this stage of my life and making a lot of adjustments to compensate for all of my extra time. I am spending a lot of time with my grandchildren and with friends of mine.

6.3. Cognitive: My cognitive functioning is continuing to decline until the age of eighty. My short-term memory is effected the most out of all but some of my memory is unaffected by all the changes I am going through.

7. Middle Adulthood

7.1. Physical: My hearing and vision are slowly starting to decline. I have reached my maximum height, my weight although will still increase, and my strength will slowly decrease along with my reaction time. I am also starting menopause and experiencing a lot of changes with my body

7.2. Social: I may be starting to have turmoil in my life and begin to have a midlife crisis. My career is set and my family life might be a little crazy with children and their own problems in their lives.

7.2.1. Session Rule 1

7.2.2. Session Rule 2

7.3. Cognitive: Some cognitive functions begin to decrease but does not make a large difference as a whole.

8. Death & Dying

8.1. Physical: I have declined physically very fast this is also to help warn myself and family that death is approaching. My eyes sight has gotten very bad and I have little strength to left or do much of anything. I am still able to walk but not for extended periods of time.

8.2. Social: I do very little because I am not entirely capable of doing a whole lot for myself or other. I go out here and there and interact with people occasionally but spend most of my time at home with loved ones

8.3. Cognitive: A lot of decline in my cognitive functioning is taking place before I pass away, it is helping to warn my family that death is approaching.

9. Early Adulthood

9.1. Physical: I have reached my last growth spurt and am only five feet three inches. I lack all coordination and still incredibly clumsy. For the first time I am having to watch what I eat and start thinking about my health and managing my stress.

9.2. Social: I have met a guy named Matt at the age of 20 and so far so good because two years later we are still together and are talking about getting married in a couple of years. My identity currently consists of being a student, aunt, daughter, and girlfriend. I hang out with a few close friends occasionally, but mostly concentrate on my school work.

9.3. Cognitive: Starting to think about my life goals and how I would like to have my life work out. I am gaining new experiences everyday that are effecting the way I think about my world and my life.