Condition in authoritarian state emerge

History IB Condition in authoritarian state

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Condition in authoritarian state emerge by Mind Map: Condition in authoritarian state emerge

1. Economic factors

1.1. Example: Stock market crash. People who loan can't pay back. This means banks fail and business also fail since people money was drag down by the market.

1.1.1. The great depression. A serve decline in economic activty. This creates wild spread poverty and insecurity. It happens because: Unemployment. Companies have to fire people because there are fewer consumers. Allow the Authoritarian to offer jobs and stability. Make people who distrust in the legitimate government. The class segregation and resentment.

2. Social division

2.1. Negative integration. This is where people define themselves by defining what they aren't or who is the enemy.

2.1.1. This make them as a perfect scapegoats for authoritarian leaders to blame. Hitler blaming Jews. Stalin blaming bourgeoisie and kulaks. Those people are often defenders because they are in the minority. Those in minority already have tension with the majority.

2.1.2. This intensifies when the society is unstable like during an economic downturn. It's easier to blame a person rather than acknowledging the problem and taking time fixing it. Killing Kulaks who might be good at farming rather than mechanizing the agriculture in Ukraine and Russia.

2.1.3. It's beneficial for an authoritarian leader to use to be able to get rid of opposition. Hitler getting rid of communist party in Germany.

2.1.4. Halting the government to improve the current situation. If people ideology is spited. They are unwilling to cooperate with the other and trying to harm each other. Create further instability and allow chance for charismatic authoritarian leader to raise.

3. Impact of war

3.1. The intensifier of the other three condition.

3.1.1. It ruins the economy. The Treaty of Versailles demand Germany to pay a huge amount of reparation that cripple their country in pay. The cost of war out weight its benefit as Germany didn't gain anything but have to spend the majority of its production power for war. There is an opportunity cost that the government could have used to build a prosperous society.

3.1.2. It creates division between rich and poor. People who understand the problem with war and well prepare are the minority that is better off when the war finish. This bred resentment toward them that the authoritarian leader can conveniently blame. Like the bourgeoisie in Russia and Wealthy Jews in Germany.

3.1.3. The government is weak due to lack of resources or having a new one. When the war end, Germany and Russia government is lacking resources. Man power Land

4. Weakness of political system

4.1. The new government is are unable to control and maintain order in the society.

4.1.1. This can be lack of power due to lack of resources. Like when Weimar Republic has to pay reparation and also fixing a broken economy.

4.1.2. They can also lose control by losing people trust making people fleeing to the authoritarian party. Those party often promote the idea for a new government system. Like Stalin dictatorship or Hitler hatred for the Weimar Republic. This is a zero-sum game. A gain of chair for the authoritarian party is a lost for the republic. This wouldn't create the environment of the cooperation government is intended. If the Nazi party gain popularity due to the declining of government effectiveness. They wouldn't cooperate to create a new rule to help Germany. When, allowing Hitler to have power as chancellor the Weimar Republic created a big danger for themselves

4.2. There is also vague law that's up for interpretation.

4.2.1. Germany's president Hindenburg use article 48 to pass his rule under the emergency condition. However, the emergency is not well define. This can make people have less trust in the government. It also can be use by the authoritarian leaders to allow him a path for gain full power. Hence, creating incentive for an authoritarian leader to attempt to take over,