Identifying the Main Idea

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Identifying the Main Idea by Mind Map: Identifying the Main Idea

1. Definition

1.1. Sentence that makes the central point about the topic or subject of a paragraph

1.2. The main idea sentence summarizes what is presented in a paragraph

2. Location

2.1. Can be found in one many places within a paragraph

2.2. It isn't found or directly stated in the paragraph

3. Strategy

3.1. T L C

3.1.1. What is the Topic?

3.1.2. What is Listed about the topic?

3.1.3. What do the major details have in Common?

4. Clues

4.1. 1. Read the first and last sentence of the paragraph

4.2. 2. Pay attention to any idea that is repeates in different ways

4.3. 3. Look for a sentece that states the main idea

4.4. 4. Look for reversal transitions at the beginning of sentence

4.4.1. But

4.4.2. Conversely

4.4.3. Even so

4.4.4. However

4.4.5. In contrast

4.4.6. Nevertheless / Nonetheless

4.4.7. On the contrary / On the other hand

4.4.8. Regardless

4.4.9. Still

4.4.10. Unfortunately

4.4.11. When in fact

4.4.12. Yet