Erotic Henna Project

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Erotic Henna Project by Mind Map: Erotic Henna Project

1. Contradicting messages

1.1. Subvert male gaze

1.2. Embrace sexual identity

2. Posting Images on Patreon

2.1. Small additional income

2.2. Do the models get money from this?

2.3. Not subverting male gaze

2.4. No fee, just 5-8% + processing

3. Purpose

3.1. To offer this service

3.2. submit HQ pics to nude mags

4. Intention

4.1. Embrace sexuality

4.2. Counter censorship

4.3. Use henna in non-traditional ways

5. Model Sourcing

5.1. No budjet for models

5.2. Wanting real women