Albert Einstein at School

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Albert Einstein at School by Mind Map: Albert Einstein at School

1. Birth & Early childhood

1.1. Born in Ulm , Germany on March 14th 1879.

1.2. Played the Violin and Piano.

1.3. Showed an extra ordinary interest in science.

1.4. Was a quiet and distant child.

1.5. Einstein headmaster once said ,"He wouldn't achieve anything in life."

2. Personal Interests

2.1. He played Violin since age 6 and continue throughout his adulthood

2.2. He married Mileva Maric on Jan.6 , 1903.

2.3. He had many hobbies like hiking , biking & sailing.

3. What Einstein did ?

3.1. Einstein became scientist because he spotted things wrong in Newtonian physics.

3.2. He discover Special Theory of Relativity in 1905 which states that Time and distance are not absolute ( E=mc²)

4. Awards and Recognition

4.1. He bought scientific revolution by his Special theory of Relativity.

4.2. He recieved nobel prize for physics in 1921.

5. Einstein Quotes in Childhood.

5.1. "I dont think learning facts is education."

5.2. "A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new. "