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Collared Crimes by Mind Map: Collared Crimes

1. White-Collar

1.1. Financially motivated crimes

1.2. Often commited by businessmen and government ofiicals

1.3. Examples: money laundering, corporate fraud, bribery, embezzlement

2. Pink-Collar

2.1. Refers to embezzlement-related crimes

2.2. Often times lower- to mid-level office women, who steal from their employers

3. Blue-Collar

3.1. Examples: burglary, drug crimes, assault, sexual assault and theft crimes

3.2. Can be caused due to passion, lust or rage

3.3. Mostly commited by the working class

4. Green-Collar

4.1. Crimes committed against the environment for profit

5. Red-Collar

5.1. That term descibes white-collar crimes that turn horribly violent

5.2. Red-Collar criminals use murder as a method of concealmen

6. Black-Collar

6.1. Refer to priests who commit crimes

6.2. Often times, these crimes are subsequently covered by the Church