Jharkhand Movement

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Jharkhand Movement by Mind Map: Jharkhand Movement

1. For creation of autonomous Jharkhand state

2. About Jharkhand:

2.1. Has a distinct geo-political and cultural entity. The area consists of Chotonagpur plateau, Santhal Paraganas. It has evergreen forest, rolling hills, rocky plateau and falls

2.2. Indicates "JAHER-KHOND" where "Jaher" means worship places of Kherwar and "Khond" means area

2.3. Important areas: 1. Bihar: Palamau, Hazaribagh, Dhanbad and Singbhum 2. West Bengal: Purulia, Medinipur and Bankura 3. Orissa: Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Sundergarh and Sambalpur 4. Maddhya Pradesh: Sarguja and Raigarh

3. Reasons

3.1. State Government's negligence

3.2. This area, which is Richest mineral wealth of the country, has been exploited by Government officials

3.3. As per Dr. Ram Dayal Munda-

3.3.1. Govt took over the forest which was the mainstay of tribal economy and mismanaged it

3.3.2. Several projects acquired more area than it was required

3.3.3. Regional imbalances

3.3.4. Land alienation

4. The Movement

4.1. 1915: "Chotonagput Unnati Sangha" 1. Started for socio-economic development of tribals 1928: Delegation to Simon Commission with demand for separate "Jharkhand state" with self-rule by tribals

4.2. "Jharkhand Party" contested 1952 election and won 32 seats in Bihar assembly

4.3. Shibu Soren formed "Jharkhand Mukti Morcha" in 1972. In 1991, it won 6 seats in Lok Sabha Election

4.4. Dr. Ram Dayal Munda: 1987, Jharkhand Coordination Committee was formed under his guidance Then Home Minister Buta Singh asked him for a details report which he presented in 1988 1989: Gove formed a committee to look into the issue. The Committee on Jharkhand matters (COJM) recommend set up of Jharkhand Aea Autonomous Council in 1995 with Shibu Soren as Chairman

4.5. In August 2000, the Parliament approval for formation of Jharkhand state and a new state curved out from Northern Bihar

4.6. New Jharkhand Goverment was formed on 15th November 2000 as 28th state of India