How did Hitler rise to power?

How did Hitler Rise to power

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How did Hitler rise to power? by Mind Map: How did Hitler rise to power?

1. 1918: End of World War 1

1.1. -Germany couldn't win the war so they had to sign an armistice to end the war.

1.2. -Germany's imperial government began to cave in and there was an increase in protests.

1.3. The Weimar Republic was established due to the fear of the rise of communism in Germany.

2. The Peace Treaties

2.1. The first task of the Weimar Republic was to sign the Treaty of Versailles, and many Germans despised it, so when it was signed, the Weimar Republic was hated ever since.

2.2. Many veterans and nationalist such as Hitler, believed that the war could have been won.

2.3. Hitler believed that the problem was the Jews and that they were to be blamed for the loss of Germany, and many other Germans believed that, so Hitler rolled with it as his tactic to make people follow him.


3.1. Hitler joined the NAZI Party where he began to gain fame and rise through the ranks, and then through his persuasive speeches he became their leader.

3.2. Hitler told his people that capitalism and communism were created by the Jews and so there was an increase in the resentment towards the Jews.

3.3. After a failed attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic, Hitler was jailed and that was where he wrote his book Mein Kampf, which talks about his future plans.

4. The Great Depression:

4.1. After Hitler was released from jail, he began reviving the NAZI party and that's when the Great Depression began

4.2. This lead to American banks taking back their loans from Germany, and this caused the already economically struggling Germany to cave in and collapse overnight.

4.3. The people were obviously frustrated at how the German government dealt with the situation, and Hitler obviously took this frustration of the people to his advantage and promised them to restore Germany to its past great days.

4.4. People were obviously enticed by Hitler's promise and started voting for the NAZI, this caused the NAZI vote to increase from 3% to 18% in just 2 years.

5. Presidential Elections

5.1. Hitler ran for president in 1932 but lost to General Von Hindenburg

5.2. Since Hitler was famous among the people, many business leaders persuaded Von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor, they obviously did this for their own interests. Anyway, Hitler was chosen by Hindenburg to be the Chancellor.

5.3. The main role of the Chancellor was only administrative, but Hitler was able to slowly get more and more power for his role as Chancellor. He argued that he was the only one able to stop the rise of communism.

6. A fire at the Weimar

6.1. In 1933, a young worker at the Weimar was accused of setting fire to the Weimar government building, but did he really do it, or was it a staged event?

6.2. Hitler asked the government for emergency powers which allowed him to abolish the press, destroy other parties and create anti-Jewish laws and when Hindenburg died, Hitler gained all the power, and that was how he rose to power.