Livemindmapping of TEDxBinnenhof

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Livemindmapping of TEDxBinnenhof by Mind Map: Livemindmapping of  TEDxBinnenhof

1. Who

1.1. Alexis van Dam

1.2. Mathieu van der Wal

1.3. Jerre Lubberts

1.4. Follow @worldofminds on Twitter for updates

2. What

2.1. LiveMindMapping of all the talks at TEDxBinnenhof

2.2. An Idea Donation Center

2.3. Have a look at the program

3. Where

3.1. Online

3.1.1. On this page!

3.2. at the Riddezaal-venue

4. When

4.1. June 25th

5. How

5.1. Two livemindmappers of World of Minds

5.1.1. using MindMeister

6. Currently...

6.1. “Let’s go international” hosted by ING and VNO-NCW (in Dutch)

6.2. Gathering ideas in our Idea Donation Center livemindmapping map

6.3. click the arrow on the right of the text above to view the map