Challenges that young people face

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Challenges that young people face by Mind Map: Challenges that young people face

1. types by nature

1.1. subjective

1.1.1. ambitions & interests under/over-estimation of oneself unemployment lack of money

1.1.2. health AIDS, HIV ... smoking early pregnancy

1.1.3. appearance/ attractiveness clothes / fashion tooth braces acme overweight

1.2. objective

1.2.1. pressure peers parents

1.2.2. new social status new obligations new requirements new rules of behaviour

1.2.3. temptations gaming gambling alcohol addiction Internet addiction drugs taking

2. lead to

2.1. positive effects

2.1.1. stimulate to gain knowledge financial independence develop personality one's network one's values control oneself

2.2. negative effects

2.2.1. cause turmonial stress rebellion negativism