Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation

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Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation by Mind Map: Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation

1. Four Noble Truths 1. Dukkha - Suffering 2. Cause of Suffering - Attachment 3. Cessation of Suffering – Eliminate attachment 4. Path to end Suffering –Meditation, self-discipline, wisdom, compassion

2. 4 Sublime States Metta – extending universal love and good will to all sentient beings unconditionally Compassion – kindness for all sentient beings in trouble or suffering, unconditionally Sympathetic joy – for the success of others Equanimity – balance, focus, joy

3. 5 Aggregates- Matter,Sensation Perception,Mental formations ,Consciousness

4. Noble Eightfold Path 1. Right View 2. Right Intention 3. Right Speech 4. Right Action 5. Right Livelihood 6. Right Effort 7. Right Mindfulness (full perception, clear seeing, awareness of perception) 8. Right Concentration (one-pointed mind)

5. Meditation and observance of moral precepts were the foundation of Buddhist practice.

6. Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality.