"Polarstern Expedition to the Arctic"

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"Polarstern Expedition to the Arctic" by Mind Map: "Polarstern Expedition to the Arctic"

1. ice camp

1.1. building roads and runways for aircraft

1.2. flying drones and weather balloons

1.3. gathering water samples from the deep ocean

1.4. deploying buoys

2. Polarstern

2.1. two helicopter pads

2.2. helicopter returns to the ship after retrieving scientists and equipment from am remote field site

2.3. helicopters gather detailed measurements of the atmosphere and ice

2.3.1. by carrying instruments suspended beneath the helicopter as it flies

2.4. is equipped with a number laboraories

2.4.1. scientists analyze samples and modify their research instruments

3. Miss Piggy

3.1. inflated tethered balloon

3.2. measures different atmospheric parameters up to 1500 meters

3.3. is stored in the balloon town tent

4. Activities

4.1. on Wednesday and Sunday evenings

4.2. walking on marked roads

4.3. tossing a frisbee

4.4. playing soccer

4.5. many opportunities for recreation onboard the Polarstern

4.5.1. workout facility

4.5.2. sauna

4.5.3. swimming pool

5. Ice Crossing

5.1. very dangerous

5.2. the ice is dynamic, moving, ridging and cracking in

5.3. scientists must be careful

5.4. they are sometimes forced to use ladders to cross large cracks in the ice