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Measurement by Mind Map: Measurement

1. area of circle - related to area of rectangle- formula-pi x r x r = pi r2

2. define measurement- associating value to an attribute

3. LAteral surface area for cube- find for 4 surface- 4 ( l x l)

4. circumference-we learnt the value of Pi, formula- 2 x rx pi

5. What are different attributes to measure? lenght, weight, volume, time, area ,perimeter, breadth, height,distance, speed,temperature,money,angles(turns)

6. Attributes related to shapes

7. Area and perimeter- circle, compound shapes, triangles, parallelograms, 3D shapes( Total surface area, lateral surface area)

7.1. Total surface area of cuboid- find for all 6 surfaces and add them, formula-2 (lxb + b x h + l x h)

8. compound shapes- area: 1. break the shape into smaller shapes 2, find the missing side 3.find area of individual shape(A= lxb for rectangle, A= lxl for square) 4.Add all the areas to find for the compound shape. Perimeter:- 1. find out missing side if any 2. add all the sides in the boundary.

9. Area of parallelogram- related it with area of rectangles- formula- base x height

10. Area of triangle-related it with area of rectangles- formula - 1/2 base x height

11. base and height are perpendicular to each other

12. circumference and area of a circle

13. area of 3D shapes

13.1. lateral surface area cuboid- find for 4 surface- remove top and bottom surface, formula - 2( lxh + bx h)

13.2. For cube (TSA)- add for all 6 surface- formula - 6 ( l x l)