2021Jan II Sprint Restropective

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2021Jan II Sprint Restropective by Mind Map: 2021Jan II Sprint Restropective


1.1. [Pratik] Focus on Dev Process by everyone

1.2. Test case review for all projects with PDM included

1.3. Burndown chart/planned effort vs actual effort

1.4. Internal release readiness review before release judgement with Shitara-san

1.5. [Pratik] [Long-term] Focus on automated testing

1.6. [Seru] Client Communication Responsibility Segregation

1.7. [Hai] Clear requirements on starting project

2. Continue

2.1. [Pratik] Productive sprint

2.2. [Hai] Good contact/confirm in advance with clients about the releases

2.3. Clear AS-IS and TO-BE explanation of project scope in release judgement

2.4. Use Kanban board for progress sharing during huddle, easy overview

3. Stop

3.1. [Pratik] High priority projects by single person