Susanna Moodie

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Susanna Moodie by Mind Map: Susanna Moodie

1. Emigrated to Upper Canada

1.1. For freedom, independence, hope, financial opportunities

1.2. Hard time adjusting

1.3. 1832

2. Author of Roughing it in the Bush

2.1. Experience of emigrating to Canada in 1832

2.1.1. Audience future and past emigrants

2.2. Published in Britain 1852

2.2.1. Audience future emigrants Message to discourage them from coming

2.3. Publishes in Canada 1871

2.3.1. Audience past or current immigrants They can relate

3. Graces

3.1. Gender - female

3.1.1. No rights, little opportunity Has to follow husband

3.2. Race - European

3.2.1. Britain unsettled Industrial revolution - Women and children in factories seeking freedom and independence in Canada

3.3. Age - 29 at time of emigration (family age)

3.4. Class - middle (after father died needed to go to work)

3.4.1. Maybe looked down on for not being "well off" Comes to resent the class system and its segregation Seeking freedom

3.5. Ethnicity - born in England

3.5.1. Switched from Anglican to Nonconformist Nonconformist not recognized in some British institution Seeking opportunities Even less eligible for opportunities

3.6. Sexual Preference - Male

3.6.1. Married, therefore controlled by husband Husband not well off He is search financial opportunity