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2021 GOALS by Mind Map: 2021 GOALS

1. Develop my career

1.1. learn Java

1.1.1. daily practice on each of the java concepts.

1.2. get a job to grow

1.2.1. send atleast 20 applications everyday

1.2.2. modify my cv to meet the uk market standard.

1.3. Pmp / scrum certification

1.4. Develop my automation skill

1.4.1. complete 1 course weekly on TAU

2. Grow my finance

2.1. Saving 3k pounds

2.1.1. save 300 monthly

2.1.2. stop buying what is not necessary/needed

2.1.3. start an online business

3. Family Bond

3.1. Walk on sundays with my kids

3.2. Read to them every night if possible

3.3. post covid- eat out once in a while

3.4. play kahoot more with my son

3.5. Cooking together with my Son

3.6. learning Arabic with kids

3.7. Spend 1 hour with my hubby before bedtime


4.1. quarterly check ups

4.2. Exercise by walking more often

4.3. reduce the intake of sugar


5.1. work on my confidence to speak

5.2. build my gratitude group

5.3. develop a routine and follow it

5.4. build my network

5.5. listen more to motivational talk

6. connect more with my maker

6.1. Be consistence with my solat at the right time

6.2. Learn Arabic

6.3. Listen more to islamic lectures by Yasmin Mogahed

6.4. Help 1 child in Nigeria child to go to school.