RideNow Carsharing Platform

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RideNow Carsharing Platform by Mind Map: RideNow Carsharing Platform

1. Possible uses

1.1. Carsharing business

1.1.1. Discovering new target audiences

1.1.2. Unique "ultra-short" rides

1.1.3. Often limited direct competition

1.1.4. Default "free-floating" model Save on parking fees and shop rent

1.1.5. Best suited for urban high-density settings

1.2. Automating "traditional" car rental

1.2.1. Improve cars/employee efficiency

1.2.2. Improve user experience Limit expensive and often uncomfortable human-2-human interaction Add infinite locations Extend business hours to 24/7

1.2.3. Optimise fleet management No car keys needed, no key management Remote odometer reading Territorial ('matrix') servicing of cars Cars database with photos and other records

1.2.4. No disruption to current working business model

1.2.5. Improve security Track cars 24/7 Immobilise cars at any moment Track speeding

1.2.6. Automate back-office and records-keeping

1.3. Corporate fleet sharing

1.3.1. Increase effectiveness

1.3.2. Security and oversight

1.3.3. Use fewer vehicles

1.4. Building/hotel fleet sharing for residents

1.4.1. Very convenient new service for residents

1.4.2. Inexpensive and easy to operate

1.4.3. No frontend employees required

2. Advantages

2.1. Ready-to-go solution

2.2. Top to bottom integrated

2.3. All integrations are set-up and ready to go

2.3.1. Can integrate with other providers if necessary

2.4. We are running in our own carsharing operation

2.4.1. ridenow.tech, a free-floating carsharing in Limassol and Paphos operating since Jan 2020

2.5. Business and operations advice available on all aspects

2.6. Can integrate any car model

3. Possible modes of cooperation

3.1. RideNow franchise

3.2. White label solution

3.3. Full remote dispatch of your fleet

3.4. Pricing is flexible and depends on project

4. Technical features

4.1. Any car/model

4.2. Lock/unlock doors remotely

4.3. Possible to immobilise (stop) car at any time

4.4. Remote telematics readings

4.4.1. GPS positioning

4.4.2. Speeding

4.4.3. Fuel level

4.4.4. Battery charge

4.4.5. Odometer (mileage)

4.4.6. Doors status

4.5. Flexible pricing for clients

4.5.1. Per-minute rates

4.5.2. Pre-paid rates

4.6. Ready integrations

4.6.1. In-car hardware

4.6.2. IoT Global SIM cards

4.6.3. Main server hosting

4.6.4. Back-end software suite for admins

4.6.5. Drivers' vetting and KYC

4.6.6. Payment card processor

4.6.7. Email server

4.6.8. SMS server