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polar by Mind Map: polar

1. Why it happened

1.1. Past 1

1.1.1. Sakura Seiki manufactured polar based on cryo3

1.1.2. Polar succeed to compressor of cryo3

1.1.3. Compressor was made in usa

1.1.4. Compressor supports only for 60hz

1.2. Past 2

1.2.1. The error 202 had happened frequently in east area of Japan (110v 50hz)

1.2.2. SSC found a compressor made in Japan and supporting 50 n 60Hz) But this one is not compatible with polar on the market

2. What to do

2.1. Regular check

2.1.1. If the color of starting relay does not change The existing starting relay can be used

2.1.2. If the color of starring relay changes a little Starting relay should be replaced

2.1.3. If the color of starting relay and the pin of compressor change brownish Starting replay should be replaced and the pin should be polished.

2.1.4. If the starting relay is burnt Polar should be sent back to factory Starting relay to be checked every 6 month after repair

3. How we support