Enter the Studio via a backdoor/some other door

True Title-One in a Sea of Many: A WIP for a choose your own adventure style creation

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Enter the Studio via a backdoor/some other door by Mind Map: Enter the Studio via a backdoor/some other door

1. Return

2. Run into Evelyn while running away from Josephine

2.1. Choice two: The creature is coming close. If you don't act, it'll catch you both

2.1.1. Indulge in the crawling feeling inside Sends the toons away & Evelyn thanks you greatly

2.1.2. Stay quiet/Do Nothing Tense moment, the Josephine gets close but ends up leaving.

2.1.3. Grab their attention Choice 2a: Josephine is swiping at you and Lilith with teeth bared. Both of you are nearly caught by her each time she swipes. Do Nothing Hide in a hallway closet

3. Enters The Drawing Board: The place where many visitors would be brought to to learn the process

3.1. Lilith introduces self in a good /happy light (very tense and barely containing anger) + the Blob and Josephine

3.2. Choice One: You noticed something is off. The Toon seems to be barely holding self

3.2.1. Ask Lilith what's wrong

3.2.2. Ignore No matter the choice: Lilith sends Josephine and the Blob after you

3.2.3. Creep up and grab the recorder on her stage.

4. Brought to the lower level saferoom. Introductions in living area. Choice 3: Who do you decide to talk to?

4.1. Jane and Trevor Russell

4.2. Alexandria

4.3. Mimi Polk

4.4. Evelyn Polk

5. Learn more about what happened to the studio.

5.1. Family/crew members

5.1.1. Polk's: Norman and his searching Norman just never came home They know that he's....changed

5.1.2. Alexandria: Sammy Lawrence Joey Drew Gets a round of boos from everyone in the room. A few other kind names The carnival game operators The band members

5.2. themselves

5.2.1. Evelyn: Bendy's Body Actor (How she came to be and then left). Includes pain & struggles Includes Mimi's job Flashback of the Polk's in the infirmary Introduction to Bendy Met in the infirmary after a long day Very kind to Bendy "Nice to meet the one who'll put me out of a job!" Why she came back/how she died.

5.2.2. Alexandria: Why she kept coming back to the studio How she died

5.2.3. Russell's: Jobs of the sickly sweet duo Life after leaving Their return & death

5.3. Bendy and Lilith

5.3.1. Birth of Bendy

5.3.2. Birth of Lilith

5.3.3. Going good Flashback snip-its of Lilith and Bendy getting along.

5.3.4. Locked away

5.3.5. Broken out

6. Gathering Supplies

6.1. Choice 4: Who do you bring with you?

6.1.1. Evelyn & Mimi Run into the Projectionist Evelyn reveals her Projectionist trait that stops the Projectionist Mimi reveals that she knows the Projectionist is Norman...& know that he's too far gone to ever remember them.

6.1.2. Trevor Run into the Blob Hints at Blob being more the mastermind than initially stated. Choice 4a: There is a tape in your hiding place.

6.1.3. Alexandria Run into Sammy Lawrence Alexandria uses her blank slate to visually mimic Bendy, diverges Sammy. Alexandria is distant for the rest of the mission.

7. Return, grab food, & watch performance

7.1. owekdsl

8. Sleep

9. Wake up in the middle of the night to a voice

9.1. choice 5: What do you do?

9.1.1. Go explore the studio Listen in on further Bonnie/Jack controlling things. Come face to face with Bendy himself Choice 5b: What do you do? Come

9.1.2. Try to fall back asleep Stay awake for a while, the feeling of someone watching you before slowly falling asleep.

9.1.3. Go walk around in the saferooms 'library' Choice 5a: You find several tapes & a recorder. What do you do with it? Listen Leave them

10. Choices may not seem like they matter a whole lot but it's more about the story/characters anyways.

11. Once everyone is up, another gathering mission.

11.1. Pick someone, same choices as before, only differences is that they hum different tunes

11.2. Watch from behind a wall as Buddy narrowly escapes Bendy

11.3. Run into Lilith who seems happy to see you again

11.3.1. Lilith just think its all a big game of Hide and Seek (the blob)

11.3.2. Choice 6: Tell her the truth? Yes Library tapes: Convos heard: A gut feeling: No Lilith gets bored/angry, dripping and pulling forth a wave of ink before charging