Feminism & Distance Education: Thoughtful Considerations for the "F-Word"

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Feminism & Distance Education: Thoughtful Considerations for the "F-Word" by Mind Map: Feminism & Distance Education: Thoughtful Considerations for the "F-Word"

1. Feminism in History

1.1. Women's Suffrage Movement

1.2. "Me-Too" Movement

2. Feminist Identity

2.1. Does not 'speak' to lived experience(s)

2.2. Too heavily rooted in heterosexuality

2.3. Perpetuates an "Us vs. Them" mentality

2.4. Source: Fraser, J. M. (2002).

3. Feminist Theory

3.1. Formalized theorizing and knowledge building processes of men

3.2. Governmental

3.3. Organizational

3.4. Societal

3.5. Source: Bailey, B., et al,. (1996).

4. Barriers and Challenges

4.1. ...of DE in general

4.1.1. Technological access

4.1.2. Instructional design shortfalls

4.1.3. Comparison to traditional face-to-face instruction

4.2. ...in adult education (generally speaking)

4.2.1. lower degree completion rates

4.3. ...for women specifically

4.3.1. Time constraints

4.3.2. Lack of feedback from instructors

4.3.3. Lack of technical support

4.3.4. Lack of advisement and student services

4.4. Source: Furst-Bowe, J. & Dittman, W. (2001)

5. Advantages

5.1. Flexibility

5.2. Balancing of...

5.2.1. Career/Professional

5.2.2. Domestic commitments

5.2.3. Child bearing

5.2.4. Child rearing

6. Gender Differences and Similarities

6.1. Women are no less disadvantaged than men in terms of technological access

6.2. Women have shown to be "confident, independent learners who are academically engaged and may outperform their male counterparts," (Price, 2006, p. 357).

7. Administrative Solutions

7.1. Choose DE learning platform carefully

7.2. Focus on creating a positive distance education learning experience

7.2.1. Pedagogically... Feedback mechanisms Communication channels Interactivity Pair respect for the realities of learners' lives with relevance in terms of course design considerations (Burge, 2001, p.153).

7.2.2. Operational considerations... Advocate for extended service hours for all core and peripheral student success supports

7.2.3. Critical Feminist Analysis Reconceive notion of where formalized learning happens "Home" as "Learning Hub" Source: Gouthro, P. (2005)