The Prophetic Cure

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The Prophetic Cure by Mind Map: The Prophetic Cure

1. People's lives suddenly stopped.

1.1. Something in this world manipulates the people's vulnerability.

1.2. No one will be seen outside.

1.3. Lives are taken continously.

2. It seemed no one can escape from the beast.

2.1. Everyone may be the victim.

2.2. Because this wild beast does not seem to know mercy.

2.3. One should look after his family.

3. The world is not too kind, and this is the reality!

4. Everyone panics, but the solution is unfussy.

4.1. Cure here, cure there. People wants cure everytime.

4.2. They keep on talking and talking, people don't listen and they regret it fully.

4.3. Hoping for another chance, but its too late.

4.4. They realized too late that it was not right.

5. People stuck at home.

5.1. Living there and do whatever they can do without going outside.

5.2. Praying that the beast leaves sooner as it should.

5.3. And for all the sufferings be gone for good.

6. People grieved, people died.

6.1. They are not coming back alive.

6.2. But I thing is for sure

6.3. People need to find the cure.