Communicative Language Learning - CLL


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Communicative Language Learning - CLL by Mind Map: Communicative Language Learning - CLL

1. Disadvantage: —Teacher poor translation. —Not enough time in school

2. the founder figure is charles curran.

3. Is Humanistic approach. It is based on emotions

3.1. the teacher becomes a counselor

3.1.1. Teacher help different situations as a friend.

4. students are responsible for their learning

4.1. teacher needs the partition in group

4.1.1. participatory classes. The teacher creates an accepting atmosphere. teacher asks questions about topics. students participate orally There is no syllabus or textbook to follow.

5. incorporates listening and speaking techniques

5.1. This method refers to two roles:

5.1.1. that of the know-er (teacher) and student (learner)

5.2. •Small group task ▪reflective listening •reflection on experience

5.3. other techniques:

6. Disadvantage & Advantage.

6.1. Advantage: Student interest —Student independence —Students learn inductive techniques —Nonthreatening