Linking clause

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Linking clause by Mind Map: Linking clause

1. What is clause linking about?

1.1. Human communication

1.2. Sentences or clauses

1.3. Like clauses

1.4. complexity of human

2. Maintaining reference

2.1. Nominal substitution

2.2. Inferential processes

2.3. Substitution by zero

2.4. Diathesis, clefting, extraposition

3. Hierarchy: downgrading clauses

3.1. Aggregation vs. integration

3.2. Junction: a universal dimension of language as a conceptual frame for linking techniques

4. The expression of rela￾tions

4.1. speaking of clause linking

4.2. restricted to specific languages

4.3. understand

5. Communicative dynamism

5.1. grounding techniques

5.2. syntactic hierarchy