English Thought-out the year.

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English Thought-out the year. by Mind Map: English Thought-out the year.

1. Grammar: Break down common grammar mistakes that students make in essay's one at a time. We will start by teaching them what they are then how to find and fix them.

2. Spelling: Build on students spelling skills by reviewing previous words and building on new words introduced in their vocabulary introductions.

3. Vocabulary: Build on students academic vocabulary. start with grade level words and build up to next level. Plan around students current academic levels per unit/

4. Reading: Focus on students comprehension of each unit, break down key concepts and work to build a strong understanding.

5. Essay writing: Teach the students structures of Essay writing and how to format their essays for each style of writing.

6. Quick thought writing: Having timed writing that the students would have to think quickly and critically helps them problem solve.

7. Note taking: Teach students to focus on key concepts and take notes that will help with understanding their reading and provide evidence for writing.

8. Creative writing: Teach students how to think critically and create unique projects that challenge their creative thinking.