Causes of WWI

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Causes of WWI by Mind Map: Causes of WWI

1. Militarism

1.1. When the Germans were trying to create a larger army to rival that of France and Russia and a larger Navy to rival that of Britain

1.2. Nationalism

1.2.1. Nationalism is where you have a sense of pride for your country which causes your opinion on other countries to be biased.

1.2.2. Large nations were proud of their positions and smaller nations wanted their freedom.

1.2.3. This was a contributing factor towards WW1 because all of the citizens of different countries stood for their own countries' ideals and this caused opposing nations to be increasingly hostile towards each other.

2. Alliances:

2.1. Examples: Example: Triple Entente - Britain, France, Russia

2.2. Definition: A formal agreement between two or more nations