Visual Learner Style 2021

JK Mind Map -2021

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Visual Learner Style 2021 by Mind Map: Visual Learner Style 2021

1. Visual Word preferences

1.1. To give out hand outs and expect the class to read them widely and well

1.2. To place important words on the board

1.3. Texts that are dense with text, summaries, and abstracts

1.4. Argument and discussion in written form

1.5. To use the words, “define, develop the case for, justify and analyze” in written exam questions

2. Tools for Visual Learners

2.1. Use colored highlighters to color code texts and notes

2.2. Use “clue” words for recalling

2.3. Use notebooks

2.4. Use study cards or flashcards

2.5. Use maps, charts, diagrams, and lists

3. Characteristics of Visual Learners

3.1. Thoughts wander during lectures

3.2. Observant but may miss some of what is said

3.3. Well organized

3.4. Good memory for faces but forget names

3.5. Plan ahead

3.6. Attention to details