My Visual Learning style

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My Visual Learning style by Mind Map: My Visual Learning style

1. Characteristics

1.1. well organized

1.2. plan ahead to do anything well

1.3. need to see direction; not hear them

1.4. good memory for faces but forget names

1.5. good hand writting

1.6. attention to detail

1.7. concentrate well

1.8. thoughts wander during lectures

2. learning tools

2.1. use notes

2.2. Take photographs

2.3. see charts words

2.4. use maps charts,diagrams, and lists

2.5. use study cards or flashcards

2.6. watch tv

2.7. use 'clue" words for recalling

2.8. see parts of words

2.9. use visual chains or mnemonics

2.10. watch audio visual

3. visual word/ picture teachers prefer

3.1. argument and email discussion in written form

3.2. use written text to explain things

3.3. using visuals to explain things

3.4. diagrams, slides, charts, graphs, arrows, hot boxes etc

3.5. to place important words on the board or overhead

3.6. complex ideas to be shown first in the diagram model

3.7. texts that are dense with text, summaries, and abstracts

4. Methods to engage

4.1. write down direction

4.2. Organize information using color codes; keep color codes consistent

4.3. Use visual cues to alert students to important information

4.4. Provide written summary of lesson at the end of notes/lecture presentation

4.5. Give students the opportunity to write notes during class