How to double-peg stall

Learn the basics for a staple beginner-level trick.

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How to double-peg stall by Mind Map: How to double-peg stall

1. 1. Gain attention: Show an image of myself performing a BMX trick

2. 2. Learning objective: the rider will learn the skills to perform a double-peg stall

3. 3. Stimulate prior recall: the rider should be able to comfortably carve a quarter pipe

4. 4. Present the material: watch the YouTube tutorial. HOW TO DOUBLE PEG STALL WITH NATALIE WADE

5. 5. Provide learning guidance: if the rider is struggling, he or she may take their foot off at the top of the quarter until they feel balanced

6. 6. Elicit practice: perform 5 reps by taking your foot off then immediately try another attempt without taking your foot off

7. 7. Provide feedback: if the rider is falling onto the deck then he or she must lean to the opposite side over the transition

8. 8. Assess performance: ride a line around the park and incorporate a double-peg stall at the very end

9. 9. Enhance retention: incorporate double-peg stalls into random parts of a run without losing momentum