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Online shopping by Mind Map: Online shopping

1. Disadvantages

1.1. If you buy clothes, you can’t try it on, so it’s hard to know your exact size.

1.2. You have to wait 3 days to one week till you receive your order.

1.3. Sometimes they accidentally change the packages.

1.4. Sometimes products at online seems better quality than they really are.

2. Advantages

2.1. You don’t have to move out, you can do all of your shopping at home.

2.2. There’s more choice of size online then in the shops.

2.3. You save the travelling time and you don’t have to stand in the line.

2.4. It’s much safer when there’s COVID-19.

2.4.1. You don’t have to be in the mall which is so crowded

2.5. There’s so much more product online than in the shops.