What is Cognitive Linguistics?

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What is Cognitive Linguistics? by Mind Map: What is Cognitive Linguistics?

1. 1. Anti-Chomskyan

1.1. Knowledge of language is the primary object of study

1.2. Aim: to explain why some sentences are grammatical while others are not

2. 2. Psycholinguistics

2.1. is not tied to a single theory of languages

2.2. Has much longer empirical than cognitive linguistics

2.3. interested in how does the human mind hadle language?

2.4. On -line data: reaction times, eye movements, brain imaging

2.5. divide and conquer

3. 3. Cognitive Linguistics

3.1. Are concerned with language structures including the forms and meanings.

3.2. Interested in what does language tell us about the mind?

3.3. Off - line data: linguistics examples, corpus data

3.4. a theory of everything

4. 4. Metaphors

4.1. Cognitive linguistics is known for work on meaning in general, and metaphor in particular

4.2. She attacked every weak point in my argument

5. 5.Functional linguistics

5.1. concerned with the functions of language

5.2. Language is the way it is because itis used for communication

5.3. Form follow function