Business Studies

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Business Studies by Mind Map: Business Studies

1. Business environments

1.1. Micro-environment

1.2. Market environment

1.3. Macro-environment

1.4. Inter-relationships of micro, market and macro environments

1.5. Business sectors

1.6. Contemporary socio-economic issues excluding piracy

2. Business Operations

2.1. Eight business functions (with particular attention to):

2.1.1.  General management The levels of general management and the tasks associated with each level; use this information to analyse management levels within a public or private organization

2.1.2.  Public Relations

2.1.3.  Purchasing

2.1.4.  Financing

2.1.5.  Administration

2.2. The importance of the functions within the business

2.3. The concept of quality

3. Business Roles

3.1. Social Responsibility

3.2. Creative thinking and problem solving

3.3. Relationships and team performance

4. Business Ventures

4.1. Forms of Ownership

4.2. Business opportunity and related factors

4.3. Presentation of business information

4.4. Business plan