Report Writing

alevel psychology

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Report Writing by Mind Map: Report Writing

1. method

1.1. instructions on how you will carry out your research and should be clear enough that someone can replicate it. needs precise timings and measurements

2. title

2.1. this is given to help the reader know the topic.

3. abstract

3.1. summarises the research at the start of the report

4. discussion

4.1. this explains what progress the research has made in its field, if any. Further to this any criticisms of the study will be presented here along with suggestions for future research.

5. references

5.1. It is the Introduction and Discussion sections of your report that you will need to acknowledge researchers’ theories, studies or models. it allows others to access your references so readers can read the referenced articles

6. appendices

6.1. further information or analyses that way be of use to the reader and will be referred to in the article.

7. peer review

7.1. before being published it is reviewed by experts in the field to ensure it has been carried out appropriately and is of high quality. If it isn't it will be rejected and no one will publish it.

8. intro

8.1. gives context about the area of research the study is in and key developments in explaining behaviour.

9. results

9.1. descriptive statistics

9.1.1. need to input all raw data from scores and answers taken from each participant. then you need to calculate some descriptive statistics.

9.2. tables/ graphs

9.2.1. psychologists can display results using tables and graphs

9.3. inferential statistics

9.3.1. allows psychologists accept or reject the hypothesis.